Electrochemistry and Fuel Cells


Electrochemical cells and fuel cells require electrodes that permit the transverse flow of fluids while maximizing the effective surface area of a given occupied volume.

Advantages of Dexmet Expanded Foils

  • Dexmet provides the widest range of alloys, geometries and widths available in the industry (up to 48″ wide). Dexmet stocks the most common alloys and thicknesses, which cuts lead times dramatically.
  • Dexmet can provide customers with custom slitting, blanking, heat treating and edge treatment options. Please contact our Sales Department for details.
  • Dexmet’s precision expansion process ensures high reproducibility leading to more consistent cell production and lower cost of quality.
  • Dexmet’s state of the art ISO 9001 factory runs a fully integrated ERP system that makes the order-to delivery process run smoothly.


  • Woven wire mesh provides the high surface area required in these applications. Wire mesh may be the only choice available if the required hole size is extremely small (less than 0.1 mm diameter).
  • However, the overlap of warp and weft yields an uneven surface with a larger “z dimension” for a given wire size. Woven mesh tends to be more difficult to fabricate, especially at the edges, where the material unravels.

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