Below are charts of commonly processed materials for lightning strike protection in composite aircraft structures. Other alloys, metals, thicknesses and pattern sizes are available. Please consult with our sales engineers for specific material characteristics in regard to your particular aircraft structure.

Aluminum Material

Aluminum Material Chart

Copper Material

 Copper Material Chart

Flattened Copper Material

 Flattened Copper Material Chart

Explanation of Product Code:

Example: 2CU4 – 100FA

First number represents nominal original thickness
2 = 0.002″ (0.051 mm)

Letters are chemical symbol for material
CU = Copper

Number immediately following letters represents strand width
4 = 0.004″ (0.102 mm)

Last number indicates the long way of the diamond
100 = 0.100″ (2.54 mm)
Any letters following the code stand for post-production processes
F = Flattened
A = Annealed

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